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On the 27th of November 2008, I placed my order for the Sismo SST (Single Seat Trainer) but after considering that I intend expanding it to a full Dual Seat Cockpit, so I changed my order to the DST (Dual Seat Trainer). The order was confirmed and half the cost was transferred to Sismo Soluciones' bank account, with the balance to follow when it was ready for shipping, which would take at least three weeks.

As I already had an EFIS and MCP, Juan from Sismo offered to fit them in the cockpit for me at no charge. So I posted them to him and they arrived 9 days later. I needed another EFIS for the First Officer's side, so I ordered it from CP Flight (www.cpflight.com) and had it sent directly to Sismo in Spain.

In the meantime, plans were made for the cockpit, which would be in the upstairs bedroom. I have been using this room for my Flight Simming and for working on the PC Flight magazine for years. Michael Collins volunteered to make the cockpit shell (bless him), so the first thing to be made was the floor, which is made of 18mm Plywood (2 x 2440mm x 1220mm sheets) and 94mm x 40mm White Deal for the frame. Three sections were made; one at 2200mm x 600mm for the DST and two at 1100mm x 1220mm for the seating section. Each section was fitted with 60mm castors, so they could be moved when required. Together, the floor section measures 2200mm x 1820mm.


The DST floor section

The Seats and Centre Pedestal floor sections


The floor sections in place

The Seats


The cockpit seats are from a 1998 Fiat Punto, which cost 60.00 from a scrap yard. Michael made the bases from the remainder of the Plywood and we bolted the seats to them.


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