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This year I have made some changes and some new additions to my cockpit.

This is the final hardware update I intend to do (famous last words).


Active Sky Next

I have updated Active Sky Evolution to Active Sky Next (ASN). There's a special update price for users of any previous version of Active Sky.

The reason for the update is that ASN is compatible with the iFly weather radar and now displays the weather on the Nav Display.



Airliner 1  FMC CDU

I've also replaced my two Engravity FMC CDUs with new Airliner 1 737NG FMC CDUs.

I first saw a working prototype of these at an iFly Cockpit Users meeting in Glasgow in January and was very impressed.

They are an all metal unit, have a colour screen, have the power and USB connections on the back. They come with a power supply, USB cable, an easy to install driver and user interface.





JetMax Throttle Quadrant

In February I received my JetMax Throttle Quadrant but I didn't get to install it fully until July.

I had a problem when I connected to the PC as Windows 7 seemed to have a problem with the driver. I say 'seemed' because Windows displayed the warning "this the device will not start".

It took me a days to figure what the problem was. I had plugged the JetMax into the same powered USB Hub as my GoFlight modules. So I plugged it directly into the PC but the same problem was reported. I then plugged it into the same powered USB Hub as the two FMC CDUs, again the same problem was reported. When I had the JetMax connected to any of these, my GoFlight modules and FMCs would connect and then disconnect at will, causing more problems. Windows even refused to shut down at times. I eventually sorted the problem by adding a 2 port USB module/bracket which came with the PC motherboard. This connects directly to the motherboard and must use a different 'frequency' to the other USB ports. I plugged the JetMax into this and it worked perfectly as did my GoFlight modules and FMCs, with no more warnings from Windows. The joys of PC cockpit builders!

JetMax Throttle Quadrant purchased from UK distributor Virtual-Aerospace.


Sismo Soluciones Radio Pedestal

In July I received my Sismo Soluciones Radio Pedestal.

I had to reduce the width of the wooden the seat bases in order for the pedestal to fit between the cockpit seats. However, the pedestal overhangs slightly by 70mm on the cockpit floor.

The pedestal also has a Fire Suppression panel (extra) with dummy fire handles (they don't turn or light up) as I don't intend to have an engine fire J.

The Pedestal has: full backlighting with adjustable dimming, 2 Comms Panels, 2 Nav Panels, 2 ADF Panels, Transponder (TCAS/ATC) Panel, SELCAL Module, Rudder Trim Module, 2 Audio Selector Panels, Cargo Fire Panel, Cabin Door Panel, Weather Radar Panel. As with all Sismo hardware, it is Ethernet connected, which just needs a script to run.


All but one of my GoFlight modules are now redundant, which means less USB connections. However, I still needed a GoFlight P8 (Push Button 8) for activating the warping software, switching on the IRS systems and a Push-to-Talk for the Co-Pilot, so I mounted a P8 behind the Overhead Panel (where the AFT Overhead panel would be).

I'm now enjoying the cockpit more than ever!


Click here for a list of Hardware and Software that I use on my Cockpit.


I do all my flying on VATSIM www.vatsim.net in Europe with excellent ATC. My callsign is "Shamrock 330".

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